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Most fun & affordable aircraft on the market

Aeropup MK IV is a beautiful and vibrant two-seat Aircraft built to the highest standards using the finest materials by passionate craftsmen. Designed to match LSA specification, can be registered under many categories as recreational aircraft.

This high wing aircraft has exceptional handling & performance, the control surfaces are very large so that control is direct, precise and predictable. The cabin is spacious and comfortable with an exceptional 360º view. The large 45 liter twin fuel tanks provide outstanding autonomy. The folding wings only require a single operator, making the aircraft efficient, easy to transport & store.

This aircraft is fun to fly, practical and cheap to maintain. All at a price that can not be matched by its competitors!


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What makes Aeropup different

Aeropup aircraft was designed by passionate people with one idea in mind; to make aviation accessible for everyone. Therefore, our aircraft is the most affordable one out there.

The Mark IV is not just an inexpensive plane to purchase and maintain, is packed with clever and practical features such as the folding wing, the clear turtle deck, Cr-Mo steel safe cage fuselage and the extra wide cockpit. These features help to improve the flight experience and safety, while reducing the maintenance cost.

The aircraft represents a high-end, very customizable platform capable of accepting most of the engines out there. Another example is the cabin, it could be practical, economical and sober, or be a high tech cockpit with leather upholstery that would be admired by all your peers. Bush tires, amphibious floats, wing mods.. you name it. This personalization is possible due to the light weight of the aircraft (around 300kg) and the fact that was design to match the LSA standards of 600 kg MTOW. Our payload is one of the largest of this type of aircraft. It is truly a beautiful and appealing aircraft.

Aeropup was founded in Australia in 1982. With more than a hundred units sold in between all models, and thousands of flying hours, the design has been tested to the limit with a perfect safety record.


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Fly without a destination, for pure joy. Explore.


Aeropup´s taildragger is capable of landing and taking off from roughest & shortest strips. Discover your limits, and enjoy the thrill of flying!

Fly through a canyon, land on the top of a mountain or on a sand bank beside a river. The possibilities are endless.

Fly long distances thanks to the aircraft autonomy and go where the wind takes you.

Become part af the aviation comunity and you will discover awesome and passionate people wiling to share, help and fly.


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