Compact yet Comfortable

The width of the Aeropup cabin is 107 cm, 6 cm wider than a Cessna 172. The height from the seat to the roof skylight is 94 cm, and you’ll find plenty of leg room even for pilots up to 215 cm! Rudder pedals are totally adjustable. The poly carbonate turtle deck gives you 360 degrees of view

Folding wings

No storage or transportion issues! This system significantly reduces all your expenses. Once you are done flying, you can take your plane home – it fits comfortably in a trailer. No need to rent a hangar. Wings can be folded within few minutes without tools and without disconnecting any fuel lines or controls.

Exceptional strength

The welded Cr Mo steel fuselage is much stronger than bolted tubes used by other brands. It was designed to be SAFE and STRONG, with a PERFECT SAFETY RECORD.

Our Core Values

Fast Assembly KIT or RTF

The AEROPUP KIT is supplied as an advanced 51% fast assembly kit. All engineering is performed to very high standards. No need for special skills or uncommon tools for the assembly.

Tail Dragger & Nose-Wheel Version

Developed to allow the plane to meet the demands of today´s market.

Trailer compatible

Fold the wings, load the aircraft into a trailer and take it home. No need to pay for hangarage.