Aeropup flying

We made the control surfaces very large so that control is agile, responsive, direct, precise and predictable which is perfect for training or flying without surprises. Capable of accomodating many different engines from Rotax, Jabiru, VW, D-motors…


Length 6.03 m.
Wing span 8.20 m.
Wing Chord 1.225 m.
Wing Area 10.06 Sq m.
Fuel tank capacity (wing tanks) 90 liters.
Endurance 4 to 6 hrs with 10% reserve.
Fuel Usage 12 to 18 liters per Hr.
Velocity never exceed VNE 130 Knots 200 kmph.
Maximum Airspeed 100 knots 185 kmph.
Stall Airspeed 3 stage flaps 36 to 45 knots.
Rate of Climb 250 to 600 m per min (Dependant on engine and prop set up).
Dihedral 2 degrees.
Empty weight 310 Kgs.
Max Take off weight; LSA can go to 600 kgs.

aeropup sello circular