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Do It Yourself KIT

For the hardcore enthusiast, nothing compares to the joy of flying in a self-made aircraft. From the fun and interesting process of the assembly to the thrill of the first fly. This is the dream of any recreational pilot and will help you to save a lot of money.

Aeropup helps you to achieve your dream. Our KIT comes preassembled up to a 49% with all the tube cutting, welding and coating done. The fuselage is fully welded chrome-moly steel tube, which comes powder coated or Primed. The covering is a combination of alloy sheet and fabric. There are no specific skills needed. It is astonishing easy, is just a matter of time, passion and love. Thanks to our precise assembly manual, you will find the process simple and enjoyable. You will not need any complex tool either. The estimate assembly time is around 400 hours.

You can register the aircraft under many categories as recreational aircraft. It was design to fit under LSA rules with a max take-off weight of 600kg and to +5,8 G and -3g of ultimate loads.

The engine, the avionics, tires, common hardware store items and the fabrics are not included with the KIT*.

As a guide, Fabric kit is around $1200, engines range from $7k to $25k and avionics from $1500 to $6k.

KIT comes in two stages; They can be ordered independently.



1ST Stage; Wings KIT

·        Contains:
Front & rear spars, 3 each wing. Machined.
Laser cut ribs & leading edge.
All braces & hardware for fast fold wings.
Aileron and Flap materials & pre folded Al Alloy sheeting
All fittings, “AN” bolts & cables
Aluminum Fuel tanks, two 45 lit  for each wing.
Molded wing tips, Pitot tube.
Wing strut, control cables & fittings.


2ND Stage; Fuselage

·        Contains:
Fuselage & tail group, fully welded 4130N Chrom-Moly powder coated.
Undercarriage, suspension & wheels. Rims and Brakes included.
Tailwheel assembly, wheel & springs.
Composite seat shells & double shoulder harnesses.
Instrument panel &
Isolator rubber mounts.
Joystick & controls.
Rudder pedals (dual control), controls & cables.
Head rack molding & Turtle deck panels.
Doors, windscreen & skylight. Polycarbonate polymer.
Cowlings, engine mount & hardware.



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