Business Opportunity





Aeropup is the first and only company in the recreational aviation industry that has ventured in a FRANCHISE BUSINESS MODEL.

The objective was to reach every country in the world and by that to be able to offer the best product of the market, at the lowest price.

If you are thinking about starting your own business, and to be your own boss. If you are passionate about aviation, Contact us.

We share our knowledge and experience with the licensee, provide the tools to set up a production plant, and offer advice on how to best market the product.


We are very proud to announce the incorporation of our new partners to the AEROPUP family:


Donald Fielden



 MFG and Distributor.

Mihai Floriean


FLY 13 MYTZU S.R.I. Romania

MFG and Distributor.



Rollo McKinley


Aeropup Australia. Australia.

MFG and Distributor.



Mikael Walker


Global Synergies Consulting. France