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Most fun & affordable aircraft on the market

Aeropup MK IV is a beautiful and vibrant two-seat Aircraft built to the highest standards using the finest materials by passionate craftsmen. Designed to match LSA specification, can be registered under many categories as recreational aircraft.

This high wing aircraft has exceptional handling & performance, the control surfaces are very large so that control is direct, precise and predictable. The cabin is spacious and comfortable with an exceptional 360º view. The large 45 liter twin fuel tanks provide outstanding autonomy. The folding wings only require a single operator, making the aircraft efficient, easy to transport & store.

This aircraft is fun to fly, practical and cheap to maintain.


All at a price that can not be matched by its competitors!



Fuel capacity (L)


Payload (kg)


Max Speed (Km/h)


Stall Speed (Km/h)

      Foldable Wings

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The structure of the wing is made of Al-Alloy, with three main spars through the entire length of the wing. Aluminum tube struts are placed in a diagonal pattern in between the spars. Ultralight ribs provide the final airfoil profile. The skin is made of synthetic fabric designed for aviation, making the wings light and durable.

The main spar was specially design for this aircraft, with an internal webbing that reinforces it structure, this allows to reduce the diameter of the spar and consecuently the total weight of the wing.

The leading edge is Al-Alloy reinforced, and the wing insert & tip are made of composite material.


Wings are attached to the fuselage at two points; in the upper part through the rear spar hinge, and at the lower part by a hinge connected to the wing struts. The system allows the wing to tilt along the fuselage. This folding wing design is very practical and significantly reduces the cost per hour of flight. Once you finish flying, you can take your plane home. Once folded, it fits in a closed trailer. No need to rent a hangar. Our clever design allows you to fold the wings within few minutes without tools and without disconnecting any fuel lines or controls.


The fuselage on the Aeropup MK IV is a Cr-Mo steel alloy welded tube cage, as is used in F1 cars. Each tube on the fuselage is CNC laser cut. As a result, all tubes have a perfect fit . This tight fit reduced to microns the space in between tubes, eliminating any gaps or weak points once they are welded together. In aviation, precision translates into a lighter and stronger fuselage. Aeropup design is one of the lightest fuselage in LSA category.

We went one-step further re-designing the cabin; we re-distributed the loads, minimizing the number of pillars to avoid any disturbance on your visibility.

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The cockpit is very comfortable and spacious; it was designed by a 215 cm pilot! with 107 cm of width and the 95cm of height, easely accommodates two people with plenty of leg room as rudder pedals are totally adjustable. The pillars from the fuselage cage were design to maximize your visibility, the addition of a polycarbonate turtle deck provides a 360º of view. You will find yourself suspended in the air surrounded by the landscape. The instrument panel is a blank canvas to match every pilot preference. From the reliable and robust analogic gauges to the latest digital touch-screens flight computers, everything can be fitted.

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Our aircraft is capable to house the majority of light aviation (LSA) engines, from 60 HP to whatever you can dream off . Brands as Rotax, VW, UL power, Jabiru…Depending on your preference, availability or budget, we can find the perfect solution for you. Contact us and we will design your aircraft together. Join the family and become a Crow!

Choose The engine, Type of avionics, the undercarriage and paint scheme, and together we will make it happen. All for a price you will not believe.