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Land wherever you want. The taildragger allows you to land almost in every type of terrain. No matter how rough is the strip, You don´t have to be worried about digging your nose into the ground.

The main landing gear is equipped with shock absorbers and disc brakes. We have increased the width of the landing gear to improve stability during take offs and landings, even with strong cross winds blowing. Disk brakes, reduces significantly the distance needed to stop the aircraft at the same time that reduces the weight in contrast to drum brakes. The taildragger is compatible with bush wheels.

The back wheel is equipped with shock absorber.



 Nose wheel


Aeropup nose wheel version was designed to accommodate the latest demands from the market. Lately, pilots prefer a tricycle landing gear because makes easier the take-off and landings due to a better visibility as the nose is not pointing up to the sky. Our nose wheel is a fixed tricycle undercarriage with a controllable nose wheel equipped with a shock absorber.

nose wheel