AEROPUP the safest and most affordable aircraft on the market.

Aeropup´s two seat Light Sport Aircraft is a fully customizable factory finished aircraft of superb quality. This high wing  aircraft has exceptional handling & performance, all at a price that can not be matched by its competitors. This modern aircraft has been designed using the most advanced technologies to provide the pilot all the comodities while safety was our main concern. The complete polycarbonate cockpit will allow the users a 360 degrees of view. The fast folding wings tech we have designed makes everyone capable of folding the wings  without tools into road legal trailer size, reducing drastically expenses on airfield fees and storage. Modern and ultralight materials are used to create a crash cage equivalent at what is used in F1 cars. Our design is capable of harbor any engine on todays market from the reliable and well known rotax to the most modern UL Power. Our design has proven its reliability with a perfect safety record in thousands of flight hours.

AEROPUP is exciting to fly! It´s very responsive and has exceptionally well-coordinated controls that make it a fun and engaging aircraft capable of operating from the shortest and roughest strips, while efficiently cruising at 100 knots.

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  • Aeropup wing drag anti drag tubes

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for enthusiasts that want to assemble the plane themselves. Perfectly suited for first time builders. Contact us for a quotation.

Is a fully operational aircraft and very customizable. Avionics, engine, exterior graphic design, etc.. Contact us for a quotation on your personalized Aeropup aircraft.