Research & Development




Aeropup works to develop this legend towards new future using state of the art techniques like CAD re-design and Finite Elements Modeling.







Our vision is to revolutionize the aviation industry, introducing the first fully 3D printed aircraft. To achieve this, we are working to obtain the collaboration of the European Union through the Horizont 2020 tool.


Aeropup´s goal is to produce the first certified 3D printed aircfraft, becoming the first company to introduce this new technology in the world of aviation.


Aeropup is also developing the nose wheel version for the two seater aircraft with the idea to offer a bigger variety of products to accomodate every aviation ethusiast.


Our Company also offers consulting services to third parties to assist in the development of their outsourced projects which allows them to take advantage of the team´s experience in the global aerospace market.


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